Sunday, October 30, 2011

To Save or not to Save the Ant...

A few weeks ago we were learning about Author's Purpose ... I came across this super cute book, Hey, Little Ant.  We were talking about persuasion and this book was perfect.  The little boy in the book is about to squish this Ant when the ant tries to convince him not too, at the end the author leaves the ending up to the reader as to wether the boy should or should not squish the ant.  My kiddos were really into it and had a lot of responses about why the ant should live ... so we made these cute little ants with black construction paper and pipe cleaners.  Then I gave them each an index card and they had to write to the boy convincing him to either squish the ant or not squish the ant.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

We are Bucket Fillers!

I finally made my buckets, I got them at Hobby Lobby and soooo excited for how they turned out!!!  So I would love to know how you manage your bucket filling ... the first day we did it they went pom-pom crazy so we stopped using the pom poms and went with the little letters I have found on other blogs ... so my problem is that they seem to want to write a note to EVERYONE and for EVERYTHING... don't get me wrong I love that they are so excited about it, but I don't want them doing it every second of the day.  So I would love to hear how you manage bucket filling in your classroom.  Thanks!!